Branding is a necessity for the businesses to prosper. The earlier the businesses understand the most appropriate it will be for their bottom lines. Right branding makes the product memorable for the consumers and hence the chances of brand recall by consumer becomes high. If a product is successful but it has not been branded the right way, to be consumers would be confused and the most immediate response would be to ignore the brand. Today the attention span of each and every individual is quite less as compared to the previous generations, this is why the need for a catchy and an attractive branding of the product is so crucial.

The competition to acquire the .com domain is high and hence choosing an alternative domain is the new trend. Businesses seek to register themselves with the preferred domain that complements their brand. Following trends in the marketing business is a faux pas achievement. To be really cared for by the brand it is highly important that instead of being the trend the business should focus on setting memorable impact on the users.

The importance of domains with regards to business and marketing can be easily explained through this example:

There is a cosmetic dentist by the name Steve. He can buy a domain by the name itself STEVE. Later when he is setting up his websites, he can use the following domains which can further enhance his brand name in the eyes of his customers and to be customers:

Steve. Live -through this domain he can connect to his patients and this can help him build a better connection with them.

Steve. Gallery- through this domain he can portray the befores and afters of his surgeries and alterations. This can keep the customers engaged at a higher level.

Steve. Consulting- this domain can help his patients understand their issues if any and he can even have a live session with them.

Steve. Reviews- this is the most important domain, because he can have his patients review him on the website and this can be a conversion platform for the browsing dental patients. Customers like to know what they are getting into and the reviews help them make the right decisions. They feel convinced and at the same time relaxed with the decision of opting with the said practitioner. Reviews can help a business expand and having a separate domain makes it more helpful.

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