The domain name that you have chosen for your website and the kind of web host you have chosen have much to say about the kind of consumers and the frequency of the consumers that you will have. It is important that these three elements of your website are in synchronous with each other so that there is either no overlapping or no conflict in their existence.

Some of the ways webhosting and domain name affect SEO is as follows:

  • A domain name needs to be relevant to the business so that people can understand and embrace the uniformity. For example, if your website is about fashion apparels, a similar sounding suitable domain name should be adopted, a domain like crafting mistress, or little wonder would be too awry and hence a major put off for the visiting customers. Relevancy of the domain name and the SEO content of the website should be in harmony.
  • If you have a keyword in the domain name, your website is most likely to ranked amongst the top searches as it will search engine optimized. Having content that is search engine optimized helps in improving the ranking of the website. A relevant domain name can also help in boosting the rank, and a better rank in website listing means a higher chance of customer conversion.
  • Having a web hosting server that has the highest server uptime and perfectly crafted search engine optimized content is a major plus point. This helps in bringing in customers as the website is readily available to them 24/7 without any glitches. If the availability of the web servers is low people will become fed up and move on to the competitors.
  • The research says that if there is an increase in the page loading time by 1 sec, there will be a decrease in customer conversion by 7%. This signifies how important it is for the webhosting to be quick and efficient. The distance between the location of your server and the users is also very critical factor. If the distance is too long there are chances that there will be delayed response on your webpage and the loading time of the SEO content will also be quite slow.
  • Security of the web hosting server is a crucial factor, if the customer faces a security lapse while doing an e commerce transaction, it is likely that they will not return.

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